Press release - 11 October 2022

Put the bag away - Wellibites takes another step towards a sustainable future and signs an agreement with recycling app Bower!

Since its inception, Wellibites has had a clear vision to offer products that enable people to enjoy a balanced life full of smartness without burdening their health or the environment. It should not only taste good but also do good. In order to offer this, Wellibites has now made the candy bags pawnable with the recycling app Bower.

Bower is a Swedish-developed app where consumers can deposit thousands of packages at their nearest recycling station while earning money and doing something for the environment. Since 2019, Bower has ensured that over 37 million pieces of packaging have been recycled and saved the environment over 1400000 kg of carbon dioxide.

"Together, we are enabling a change in consumer behaviour, where used packaging previously labelled as waste is given a second-hand value. By actively incentivising consumers when they recycle correctly, together we can increase recycling rates and demonstrate a clear circularity for both consumer and producer. For the same reason, we are extremely excited about the partnership with Wellibites, which will be an important building block in a significant change," said Suwar Mert, CEO & Founder of Bower.

Wellibite's collaboration with the recycling app started when Erik, one of Bowers' most dedicated users and biggest Wellibite fan, requested that Wellibite's packaging become pawnable. Erik saw great potential in a collaboration between Wellibites and Bower, which would also give him the opportunity to collect even more points and be rewarded via the app. After this, a decision was quickly made - of course Wellibites should partner with Bower!

Ahead of the launch of the exciting new product, we invited Erik and his family to a meet & greet where we thanked him for his commitment to both Wellibites and Bower.

"We are so pleased with the fantastic commitment this collaboration has received. Already 700 Wellibites packs have been recycled, the equivalent of a train journey from Stockholm to Gothenburg on a high-speed train, and we look forward to seeing this figure rise even further. The collaboration with Bower will be another important step towards sustainable hosting, together we can actually make a difference" says Sara, Wellibites CEO and founder.

With a few simple steps in the Bowers app, consumers are rewarded when they recycle Wellibite packaging at regular recycling stations. For every bag recycled, consumers earn double Bower points in the app. The points can then be picked up as discounts or value checks that can be transferred directly to your bank account or donated to charity.

How to recycle Wellibite bags in the Bowers app:

1: Download the Bower app and create an account.

2: Scan and sort your packaging at home.

3: Go to your nearest recycling station and confirm that you are there.

4: Dispose of packaging in the correct container.

5: Congratulations, now you've pawned the bag! ♻️💚


For more information on how Bower works, please visit:

For further information, please contact Sara Serray,

Pictures from meet & greet with Erik.

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