The story of Wellibites

Sara is the pharmacist and health & nutritional coach with a sweet tooth who wants to create change.

Why does candy still contain up to 80 percent sugar when there are better alternatives? Why take shortcuts when we can make smarter, healthier choices that taste fantastic? To give the world better candy she founded Wellibites.

She cooked up the first batch in her kitchen and when they got the thumbs-up from her candy-loving niece, Sara knew she was onto something.

Her mission is to help make this a better world with less type 2 diabetes and obesity. With Wellibites she is taking a step in that direction, offering candy that tastes good and is also good for you. What’s more, everyone can enjoy them, even those with allergies or other dietary requirements.

Today Wellibites is a success story that just continues to grow as more and more people discover:

A super delicious candy without unnecessary ingredients!


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