Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our products are completely vegan.

No, our products are completely vegan and have not been tested on animals.

All our products are completely gluten-free.

We use sweeteners found naturally in the plant kingdom; maltitol and erythritol. They also help maintain tooth enamel!

Our sweets contain 25% per 100g of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of the vitamins and minerals.

Wellibites comes in eight irresistible flavors:
- Elderflower & Raspberry with zinc (sour)
- Pineapple-Passion & Black Currants with vitamin B2 (sour)
- Raspberry & Salty Liquorice with vitamin B6
- Extra salty Liquorice with vitamin B12
- Strawberry & Cola with magnesium (extra sour)
- Pear & Melon with vitamin B3
- NEW! Chocolate Crunchies With with the good bacteria Bacillus Coagulans.
- NEW! Chocolate Nuts Almonds and Cashews with the good bacteria Bacillus Coagulans.

Yes, you can order Wellibites in many places online! For example at,,,,,,,,,,,, and others.

Maltitol (which is one of the polyols we use with erythritol) raises blood sugar levels, but to a lesser extent than regular sugar. The best thing to do is to test yourself and read your blood sugar after consumption to see how much works for you. We have had many diabetics tell us that Wellibites is the best candy they have tried as it raises their blood sugar less and is so incredibly tasty! Of course, it's individual and you should test what works for you. We don't make recommendations. Erythritol which is the other polyol we use does not raise blood sugar.

Wellibites is a super delicious candy with no sugar, gluten or palm oil. They’re also vegan, enriched with vitamins and minerals, and made in Sweden with all natural colours and flavours. Good huh?

If you are not used to maltitol, you may experience a bubbling sensation in the stomach at first. This is not dangerous but what happens is that the intestines bind water. If you eat a little at a time, your stomach will get used to it. How you react and the optimal amount differs from person to person. Many of us eat Weillibites frequently and don't feel a thing!

Wellibites are manufactured in Sweden at a factory in Skövde.

You can buy Wellibites in all grocery stores, pharmacies and many other places. Among other places:

Grocery stores:
- Coop
- Willys
- Hemköp
- Tempo
- Citygross
- Den svenska matrebellen

Service trade:
- Pressbyrån
- 7-eleven
- PBX Sweden

All pharmacies:
- Kronans Apotek
- DOZ Apotek
- Apoteksgruppen
- Apotek Hjärtat
- Apoteket AB

"This is absolutely delicious!"
"Love the texture!"
"Finally, sugar-free candy that actually tastes good!"
"Finally, a good vegan candy!"
"Absolutely amazing!"
"Dad, can I buy this candy for the weekend?"

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