Extra salty


The perfect touch of salt to delight all the liquorice lovers out there.
Enriched with vitamin B12 to help reduce fatigue and exhaustion.

Sweetener (maltitol, erythritol) corn starch, ammonia, liquorice, natural flavour (liquorice), natural colour (vegetable carbon), vitamin B12.


Makeutusaineet (maltitoli, erytritoli), maissitärkkelys, salmiakki, lakritsi, luontainen aromi(lakritsi), luontainen väri(kasviperäinen hiili), B12-vitamiini.

Sweeteners (maltitol, erythritol), cornstarch, salmiak, liquorice, natural flavour (liquorice), natural color (vegetable carbon), vitamin B12.

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy 1038 kJ/252 kcal
Fat/fat 0 g
-of which saturated fat     0 g
Carbohydrate 88 g**
-varav sockerarter/of which sugars 0
-from polyols/of which polyols 59 g
Protein 3 g
Salt 0.08 g
vitamin B12 0,63 µg (25% of DRI*)

* Daily reference intake for an average adult.

Our products contain no allergens.

Consumption of foods containing maltitol and erythritol instead of sugars results in a lower blood sugar increase after consumption compared to foods containing sugar.

Consumption of foods containing maltitol and erythritol instead of sugar helps to maintain tooth mineralisation.

The sugar alcohols/polyols maltitol and erythritol occur naturally in the plant kingdom.

Excessive consumption can have a laxative effect. 

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