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The entrepreneurial dream that boosts health.

Is it possible to change society with healthy sweets? And what does it take to quit a well-paid job to pursue your dream? This and much more is discussed in this week's episode of the Entrepreneur Podcast.

E timme med

Sara Serray - Changing the candy world, charming the dragons and selling Wellibites to others

An hour with @saraseofficial founder of @wellibites.sverige which makes healthy sweets - yes you heard right. Today they are the market leader and growing globally. Sara is a pharmacist who started experimenting at home in the kitchen to develop sweets that you can enjoy, big and small, to be kinder to your body.

Podcast Ordinary People Who Do Badass Things

Charming the dragons, selling Wellibites and changing the world of sweets - meet Sara Serray.

Sara Serray charmed the TV audience and the dragons in the Dragon's Nest - but then decided to sell Wellibites to completely different investors. Here's the full story - from how Sara sacrificed everything to start Wellibites, to how she sold the company to Humble Group.


The entrepreneur

The latest episode of the Farmaceutpodden is hosted by pharmacist, dietician and entrepreneur Sara Serray, who has developed and launched the wellness candy Wellibites. How did the name Wellibites come about? Who are Sara's key tasters? What makes Wellibites different from regular candy? Sara also gives her best advice on how to achieve your dream.

Bara Business

Resign! This week's guest: Sara Serray, founder of Wellibites

A startup story: In this episode of Bara Business, we talk about how to take the step to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. What elements should be in place before you start working 100% on your business? And everyone talks about daring, but how do you actually dare? This week's guest: Sara Serray, founder of Wellibites.

Radio P4 World of Science

Sara has developed the healthy sweets of the future

Sara Serray, a pharmacist from Mölndal, Sweden, searched all the shops for delicious sweets that were both healthy and environmentally friendly. When it didn't exist, she invented it herself. Sara Serray loves sweets, but she also has a longstanding interest in health.

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