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Direct Selling Sweden

Pharmacist and entrepreneur Sara Serray received Direct Selling Sweden's Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 award on Saturday night.

A pharmacist by training, Sara Serray started tinkering at home to develop a healthier alternative to regular candy. The result was a completely vegan and vitamin-enriched jelly candy, free from gluten, palm oil and sugar. The goal has been to create something unique and develop products that contribute to better public health.


Sara Serray created the candy in her kitchen - Wellibites became a million dollar market

Her candy is already a multi-million dollar market. And it all started here - in her mother's kitchen in Mölndal. Sara Serray's sugar-free and vegan candy brand Wellibites is growing at super speed. Now the world is waiting.


Sara sacrificed home and job - founded multi-million dollar business

Nutritionist and pharmacist Sara Serray, 31, quit her job and sold her apartment to pursue her dream.
It took off in her mother's kitchen with her three-year-old niece as a harsh but fair judge of taste. Now the candy company Wellibites is a success, turning over millions.
- 'I saw there was an interest in the market to create something that was healthy but still tasty,' she says.

Settler of the Year

HH.M King Carl XVI Gustaf's Prize - New Builder of the Year 2019

Since 2000, the IFS Foundation has had the privilege of honouring and highlighting talented entrepreneurs with foreign backgrounds. H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf is the patron of the award. Sara Serray received the Young Pioneer of the Year Award in the West.


Her candy has gone from the stove to national launch

Saray Serray, a trained pharmacist and nutrition and wellness expert from Mölndal, saw a gap in the candy market - and went straight to work. On Monday 13 May, her sweets will be listed in over 850 shops nationwide.

Shop Trends

Wellibites invests with new look and sales

After a very good 2020, Wellibites with Healthy Sweets is aiming for 2021 to be even better and to reach even more people with its range.

Food Supply

Food Supply - Wellibites steps into Reitan

The Swedish sugar-free candy Wellibites, started by pharmacist Sara Serray, is growing fast and from week 7 her candy will also be available on the shelves of Pressbyrån and 7-eleven.

SEB Financial Equality

"I had prepared everything I could, in the end I just had to dare"

In her role as a pharmacist and nutritionist, Sara Serray often came into contact with public health problems such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. She realised that she wanted to be part of changing the problem, but in a way that no one else was. That's when the idea for Wellibites, the healthy candy company, was born.

The Dragon's Nest

SVT - The Dragon's Nest 2021

Sara Serray was a hit with the tough jury in SVT's series Draknästet. She stepped in with a strong passion for what she does and was loved by the dragons! As a result, four of the five investors wanted to buy in with one million SEK each! But for Wellibite's founder, the aftermath of the TV show The Dragon's Nest was dramatic.


Wellibites founder Sara Serray on the success of the Dragon's Nest: "Almost more nervous yesterday"

Sara Serray from Bifrost was a hit in SVT's series Draknästet on Thursday.
- It was very flattering and very fun to relive this, she says to Mölndals-Posten.


The denouement that SVT covered up in The Dragon's Nest - Sara Serray and Wellibites turned the dragons down (here's the explanation)

She was loved by the dragons in SVT and hooked several of them. But for Wellibite founder Sara Serray, the aftermath of the TV programme The Dragon's Nest was dramatic. Before all the papers were signed, the publicly traded company beat her to the punch:
"It's nice to be able to talk about it now"
(Most read article of the year 19/8-21)


From one-man business to foodtech giant's profit machine - Sara Serray's Wellibites goes on export

It wasn't long ago that Sara Serray was in her mother's kitchen making sugar-free sweets. Today, Wellibites is the market leader and is praised by influencers like Bianca Ingrosso and Kenza Zouiten Subosic.
After Sara Serray turned down investors in the Dragon's Nest, the company was bought by foodtech giant Humble Group. Now her Wellibites are being launched in a handful of countries. "We will double the growth," says Sara Serray.


Sara Serray dreams of a better world

A sweet-toothed niece inspired Sara Serray to start producing sugar-free sweets and create the company Wellibites. In just three years, the company has established itself as the healthier alternative on store shelves. Now Serray is aiming for the rest of the world.


SEB - Healthy sweets - a delicious idea

A step towards better public health through a tasty treat. With her company Wellibites, Sara Serray has succeeded in developing the product that many people have dreamed of - a candy that is healthy.

Shop Trends

Shop trends - Healthy sweets - a really good idea

Crisis? Not for Wellibites. Sara Serray's healthy candy venture is a success, setting monthly sales records in the first quarter of 2020.

Industry Today

Her health candy breaks new sales records

Pharmacist and inventor Sara Serray quit her job and sold her apartment to pursue her entrepreneurial dream. With her own recipe for a healthier candy, her Wellibites brand is now making a splash on Swedish store shelves and online. Next up is a launch in Norway and recruitment.