Sara Serray wins Female Entrepreneur of the Year!

Direct Selling Sweden is the trade association for Swedish direct selling, an industry in which 65 percent of the sellers in the organisation's member companies are women. Their annual Female Entrepreneur of the Year award aims to highlight female entrepreneurs who inspire others to develop their businesses.

"It is with great respect and admiration that we want to acknowledge Sara's entrepreneurial journey, not least as she has her own experience from our industry as a salesperson and marketer " says Chairman of Direct Selling Sweden Krister Fraser.

Sara is the pharmacist, the nutrition expert and the good pig who wants to create change. She has a Master of science in pharmacy from the University of Gothenburg and has always had a strong desire to to create change. After seven years at university, she decided to take things in her her own hand and founded Wellibites to give the world a better and healthier candy.

It all started at home in Sara's kitchen where the first sweets were cooked up. After many turns she finally got the thumbs up from her candy-loving niece and Sara knew she was on the right track.

"I am extremely honoured and grateful to receive the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award! I couldn't have imagined this when I was sitting at home getting my idea down on paper for the first time a few years ago. Hopefully my journey can inspire others to take the plunge and make their dreams a reality!" Sara says.

The road to success has not always been easy. To start the business, Sara quit her job and sold her apartment. This ensured it wouldn't remain a hobby and allowed her to devote all her time and energy to building the business. After a lot of hard work and dedication things started to turn around. She got central listings in record time and after appearing on SVT's dragon's nest, there were offers from both dragons and other investors.

Wellibites takes you one step closer with a treat that tastes good and does good. Today, Wellibites is a success story that is only growing as more and more people discover it:

A super delicious candy without unnecessary ingredients!


For more information, contact Sara.